Image Posterization Using Fuzzy Logic and Bilateral Filter: A tutorial, 2016 | PDF | C++/OpenCV Code | Matlab Code

How to Make a 2D Player Character Using Unity, ACM Assiut Student Chapter Magazine, Vol. 1, PP 32–36, 2015 | PDF | Code


Introduction to Game Development Using Unity3D (Arabic): Recorded training sessions in game development using Unity3D (12 videos). These tutorials are under the technical training program provided by ACM Assiut Student Chapter, 2015 | Videos

Autodesk 3Ds Max (Arabic): tutorial videos (~780 minutes) on 3D modeling, materials, lighting, and rendering, 2012 | Videos

CLO 3D (Arabic): tutorial videos (~30 minutes) on 3D clothing using CLO 3D software, 2012 | Videos

3D Animations (Arabic): tutorial videos (~400 minutes) on the following topics using Autodesk 3Ds Max: keying animations, linking (FK and IK), reaction manager, physique and morpher modifiers, facial expressions, character studio, particle flow, and Reactor, 2012 | Videos

Endorphin (Arabic): tutorial videos (~90 minutes) on generating computer simulations of animated characters using Natural Motion Endorphin, 2012 | Videos

Craft Director (Arabic): a tutorial video (~20 minutes) on vehicle simulations using Craft Director with Autodesk 3Ds Max, 2012 | Video

Real Flow (Arabic): tutorial videos (~100 minutes) on fluid particle simulation using Real Flow software, 2012 | Videos

Adobe Photoshop (Arabic): tutorial videos (~50 minutes) on image editing using Adobe Photoshop software, 2012 | Videos

Adobe Premiere Pro (Arabic): tutorial videos (~100 minutes) on video editing using Adobe Premiere software, 2012 | Videos