~100,000 rendered sRGB images with different white-balance (WB) settings; ground truth sRGB images are provided for the training/testing sets

CIFAR-10 testing set of ~15,000 images with realistic in-camera white-balance errors

~1,200 pairs of camera-rendered sRGB and the corresponding scene-referred CIE XYZ images (971 training, 50 validation, and 244 testing images)

~24,000 8-bit sRGB images with different exposure settings and the corresponding well-exposed ground-truth images

A synthetic set of 150 images to evaluate white-balance methods on mixed-illuminant scenes

~7,000 portrait face images extracted from the WikiArt dataset

A set of paired/unpaired raw images captured by iPhone X and Samsung S9 for semi-supervision raw-to-raw mapping. DNG and JPG files are available for other research purposes.

~4,000 landscape images collected from Flickr with the following licenses: no known copyright restrictions, Public Domain Dedication (CC0), and Public Domain Mark

Over 2,000 high-quality images with their dual-pixel views. It contains scenes with diverse image contents, scene illuminations, and day/night scenes.

100 dual-pixel images (left, right, and combined) with corresponding ground truth "depth" maps .

100 images rendered from sensor raw-RGB space to the sRGB (with camera's nonlinear picture style), ProPhoto, Display P3, and Adobe RGB color spaces.

~11,000 hand images (dorsal and palmar sides) of 190 subjects; varying ages; provided with: subject IDs, gender, age, skin color, and more

Over 40,000 face images with glasses under different illumination conditions provided with face ROI, facial landmarks and expression, subject ID, gender, and age

One week of compressed surveillance videos & two uncompressed surveillance videos

~33,000 labeled answer boxes extracted from ~700 real MCQ answer sheets