MPB: A modified Poisson blending technique

Mahmoud Afifi and Khaled F. Hussain

Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University, Egypt

Computational Visual Media, Springer 2016


Image cloning has many useful applications, such as removing unwanted objects, fixing damaged parts of images, and panorama stitching. Instead of using pixel intensities, the gradient domain is used in Poisson image editing; however, it suffers from two main problems: color bleeding and bleeding artifacts. In this paper, a modified Poisson blending (MPB) technique is presented which ensures dependency on the boundary pixels of both target and source images rather than just those of the target. The problem of bleeding artifacts is reduced. This makes the proposed technique suitable for use in video compositing as it avoids the flickering caused by bleeding artifacts. To reduce the problem of color bleeding, we use an additional alpha compositing step. Our experimental results using the proposed technique show that MPB reduces the bleeding problems and generates more natural composited images than other techniques.


(a) Source, mask, and target images. (b) Poisson image editing result. (c) Error-tolerant image compositing result. (d) Our result.

(a) Source image. (b) Target image. (c) Poisson image editing result. (d) Image compositing using dominant patch transformations result. (e) Our result.

(a) Source image. (b) Target image. (c) Poisson image editing result. (d) Sketch2Photo result. (e) Our result.

The source face in (a) is replaced with the target face in (b) based on the binary mask in (c). (d) Poisson image editing results. (e) Our results. As shown, Poisson image editing results suffer from artifacts at boundaries compared to our results.


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